Why choose us?


We have reliable coaches qualified in a wide range of sports


We offer a wide range of services and packages


We tailor make packages with flexible costs to fit within your school budget


We actively promote healthy living


We work in partnership with primary schools to help them achieve their healthy lifestyle targets through various forms of sports activity.  With growing concerns of health

issues for young people, including obesity and mental illness, helping them embrace sport and exercise continues to be a top priority for national and local government.

Daily moderate activity is proven to have benefits on the mind and body, including increased energy levels, more confidence and higher levels of satisfaction.  Even more importantly, regular activity can reduce the risks of health related conditions including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Hence the on-going promotion of government initiatives such as Change4life, which encourages people to make healthier lifestyle choices and the ‘Healthy lifestyle’ criteria now included as part of Ofsted inspections.

Not only can we help you support government initiatives, but at the heart of what we aim to do is support you to improve the health and wellbeing of the children and young people in your care.

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